Carly Fleming Leading the Way

Lauren Maciariello and Katie Jones

The bell rings and suddenly it’s 5th period. Senior Carly Fleming walks to JROTC, ready to lead. Fleming is an expedition commander, field commander, and an assistant to the colonel in JROTC. In addition, she has been ranked 2nd place color guard commander in the region from mid-Texas to west Florida. 

“Carly is extremely hard working and intelligent,” Colonel Culbert said. “She will not take no for an answer when she has made up her mind that she can accomplish something.”

Coming from a divorced family, Fleming says that JROTC provides structure and a welcoming environment for kids who don’t have that at home.

“Master Sergeant and Colonel are like our parents,” Fleming said. “Sure, they yell at us sometimes, but it’s because they want us to be better.”

During Fleming’s sophomore year in english class, the students were asked to write a letter to the most influential person in their lives. Fleming dedicated her letter to Master Sergeant.

“Although it is hard to watch my students grow up and leave, it is also rewarding in that I truly feel I have helped them become better prepared to face the challenges of life when they leave Montgomery,” Culbert said. 

After high school, Fleming plans to go to the Naval Academy, which requires a congressional nomination from a district representative, a state senator, the Vice President, or the President.

“She’s applying to a lot of academies and JROTC scholarships,” senior Taylor Clark said. “She definitely has a good chance of getting in.”

The Naval Academy also requires applicants to schedule and partake in a sit-down interview with an officer who has previously attended the academy.

“I have always wanted to join the military, and being accepted into the Academy would allow for that without having to start from the very bottom by enlisting,” Fleming said. 

Outside of her JROTC accomplishments, Fleming is in the top band, wind ensemble, with history of being section leader for the saxophone section. 

“Being involved in JROTC and band has taught me how to schedule things,” Fleming said.

Fleming said Colonel and Master Sergeant opened her up to all these opportunities she never knew she had.

“She sets the example with everything she does,” Culbert said. “She inspires her subordinates to be better cadets and people. “