The Bears come out on top over Vidor

Colin Jones and Mitchell Manyard

Rushing into the new season with a close victory of 33-32, the Bears varsity football team narrowly defeated the Vidor pirates Thursday, Aug. 29.

“I think our kids and Vidor’s kids both played really hard,” Head coach John Bolfing said. “It was a very physical game and just a great way to start the season.”

The Bears motto this season is, “Burn the Boats.” John said it serves as a constant reminder to the team that they have to be all in and be willing to sacrifice anything in order to win. The motto is derived from a quote by conquistador Hernán Cortés. Prior to facing the Aztecs, Cortés ordered his men to burn their boats so their only option was to win.

“As a team, we could improve on the little things like remembering to make the easy plays,” sophomore quarterback Brock Bolfing said. “I thought we played well; we have a lot of room for improvement but overall, both offense and defense did their jobs.”

Brock was able to finish 16-of-25 for 253 yards and 3 touchdowns.

Junior wide receiver Tre Harden clocked in four receptions for 145 yards and three touchdowns, including a 99 yard kick return.

“We could work on improving our efficiency as a team,” Harden said. “Overall though, I think we were prepared for the game and it showed.”

After a Vidor turnover in the first quarter, Harden coordinated with Brock for another touchdown and put the Bears in front.

“Initially, I was just watching the ball bounce and thought it was going to go out of bounds until it stopped on the one,” Harden said. “I grabbed the ball and tried to make the most out of it.”

Harden’s kick return gave the lead back to the Bears going into the half to make it 21-20.

“I think I played ok, but I should have made more of the routine throws,” Brock said.

Little ended the night with six receptions for 24 yards and the winning touchdown with two seconds left to give the Bears the win.

“It was a pretty awesome feeling being able to help my team win,” senior wide receiver Mason Little said. “Everyone played a big part in that drive as a team though. If everyone didn’t do their jobs as good as they did on that last drive then we would not have had a chance to win that game.”

“We still have a lot of room for improvement,” Coach Bolfing said. “Everyone’s still healthy and everyone’s playing hard so we’ll try and keep getting better every week.”

The Bears will be on the road next Friday when they face Barbers Hill

“Our team this year has some of the best chemistry we’ve had in a long time,” Little said. “The district we are in is pretty tough, but our main goal is to make the playoffs and go above and beyond what we accomplished last year.”