Thespians Host Audition Workshop


Junior Lauren Ferro leading theatre games and warm-ups.

Katie Jones and Bryce Russel

An audition workshop was sponsored by the student Thespian board to take place on Aug. 28 and 29 in the black box theatre for students interested in learning about audition techniques in upcoming plays.

“I feel it is important to make all students, who are interested, more comfortable with the process,” director Nicole Morgan said. “In offering the workshop, I also get to set the standard of what we expect at the auditions.”

At the workshop, students were taught the different techniques for an audition like creating a resume and developing a stage presence.

“I learned how to be more professional when going to an audition,” freshman Brayden Havard said.

In addition, students, such as sophomore TJ Pearce and freshman Reece Grochett, said they were able to use this workshop to help with their nervousness during an audition.

“I always get nervous, so this workshop taught me how the audition process worked in high school,” freshman Carlie Wilson said.

Thespian Board members junior Maddie Rodriguez and junior Lauren Ferro were in charge of organizing the audition workshop.

“I wanted to take on the audition workshop because I struggle personally with auditioning,” Rodriguez said. “I want to help others be passionate and excited to audition for a show.”

The students of the Thespian Board are in charge of creating workshops for the theatre department. Rodriguez said her goal as a Thespian officer is to be positive and encouraging to everyone in theatre.

“A Thespian officer should take it upon themselves to help others succeed and be the best they can be in the theatre department,” Rodriguez said.

Not only were the students taught the technicalities of theatre, but they were also exposed to other peers involved in theatre.

“Everyone’s really nice, even if they don’t know you, makes you feel a lot better about it,” freshman Luke Homann said.

Along with acting workshops, Morgan said she plans to add dancing classes for the all-school musical which will be “The Addams Family.” Open auditions for the musical will be on Sept. 23-24.

“I am planning to bring a choreographer from NYC to work with students and help with the musical,” Morgan said.

Sophomore Jace Stampley and freshman Parker Siegrist said they look forward to the shows this season which consist of “Leading Ladies” on Oct. 24, 26, and 29, “The Addams Family” on are Jan. 23-25 and Jan. 31 to Feb. 1., and “Radium Girls” on Apr. 24-25.

“I am excited for all the shows really,” Stampley said. “Last year was good, but this year will be better.”

At the end of the workshop, students came together to play theatre games as the final event in the class, such as improvisation games and diction games.

“It’s a great way to build relationships,” freshman Jacob Irving said. “We are all like a big family.”

Freshman Reece Grochett listening to the workshop.
Freshmen Brayden Havard, Luke Homann and others partaking in theatre warm-ups.