His-Story: Lone Star Professor Teaches at MHS


Kylee Jinks

Professor Glenn Wood teaches Dual Credit U.S. History.

Kylee Jinks, Author

Vroom, the sound of the bike purrs to a stop. Hopping off his jet-black motorcycle in the school parking lot, Professor Glenn Wood strides into class in his button up Lone Star College shirt, ready to teach.

Teaching students Dual Credit U.S. History, Wood explains eras of the past and his personal stories in W134.

“I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up,” Wood said. “I changed my major six times in college. I wanted to be an archeologist, anthropologist, I even thought about psychology, but eventually, since I had a really good history teacher in high school, I went into history and found a niche. I’ve stayed with it since 1976, teaching around numerous universities.”

Wood has spent much time in school and has had an abundance of jobs throughout his life. According to Wood, due to his vast “wealth of experiences over the years,” he has been brought multiple opportunities.

“The opportunities are there,” Wood said. “I took other languages in college and was able to go to France through a school program, where we got to live with a French family in total emersion and teach English to others, which gave me an awareness of different cultures.”

From his traveling, Wood said he learned a lot of history about other places in our world.

“I’ve seen the world, from Italy, to Spain, France, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, Brazil, China, every state except Hawaii, which I’ve flown over a couple times, and much more,” Wood said.

Traveling is only one of Wood’s many hobbies. He also has been involved in martial arts, bike racing, and soccer.

“I performed martial arts for 17 years and own three brown belts in three different styles,” Wood said. “I also have been riding motorcycles since I was 14, still riding, and raced when I was a teenager up until I was 24. For a period of time, I was a reserved goalie for our professional soccer team here called the Stars, getting the privilege to play in the Astrodome, as well as playing on the soccer team in France.”

However, on top of all those, Wood said teaching is one of his “biggest passions.”

“I try to connect with students on a one-on-one level by personal experiences instead of teaching to a test, which doesn’t prepare you for the real world,” Wood said.

Usually students just sign up for dual credit courses so they get both credits, but his students claim that his class is more than that.

“Granted, yeah it does count for college credit, but it’s more, more learning and detail,” junior Ally Crocker said. “It feels more mature, and it’s nice to have someone out of the cliché of just going to college to teach us, but he actually found himself here through everything, and he loves it.”

Wood said many times in his classes that he “loves what he does” and is “glad that teaching was his final destination of fate.”

“Some teachers are there to teach, but he is here to make a connection and talk with us on a level besides just being our teacher and helps us out more in other areas of life,” junior Payton Hissey said.

Wood also serves as a husband and father outside of teaching. He has been married for 32 years and raised two children who are now both adults.

“I love my family,” Wood said.  “They have helped me deal with many obstacles in my life.”

Wood has overcome two major medical problems. One being polio in 1964, as he was told he may never walk again or be paralyzed in his arm. One day he became better and today the doctors still don’t know how or why. The other being type 1 diabetes, which he became determined to beat and lost 75 pounds on a strict diet, along with medicine every day winning the battle.

“Professor Wood has definitely taught me valuable concepts, especially that anything is possible, and the importance of our past, so we may reshape the future better from our mistakes,” Hissey said.