Nicole Morgan: Changing Theatre

Katie Jones, Author

The stage lights fade up to showcase a group of actors admiring their director, Nicole Morgan, as she goes through the steps of a tap dance for the upcoming musical, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. She shows them many moves from various songs. The students laugh and stumble as they try to keep up with their director.

Beginning her first year teaching theatre at Montgomery, Morgan wanted to bring new beginnings to the theatre department.

“I love the process and teaching,” Morgan said. “I want to help a group of kids find their passion.”

Morgan has put on three productions so far, including Night of Theatre, Almost Maine and Little Women. She has also brought students to compete at the State Thespian Festival to advance to nationals.

“I love how she not only pushes us to our best ability, but also allows us to be in charge of who we want our characters to be,” sophomore Lauren Ferro said.

Morgan said she has many opportunities planned for future of the theatre department. Many students, including Ferro, agree that they are “excited to see what’s put on the table.”

“We will be adding more technical and design competitions next year, a few more performances as we expand with a murder mystery event and children’s theatre camp,” Morgan said.

Besides being a director at Montgomery, Morgan has many other accomplishments on her resume including a Tony Award Nomination and an Outstanding Innovator award from the Houston Press.

“My Tony Award Nomination was a highlight, but I am truly proud of my recognition by the Houston Press as an Outstanding Innovator for the joint production of Memphis when I was the director at Memorial working with Carver Magnet High School,” Morgan said.

In her first year in Montgomery, Morgan has changed the theatre department by bringing more shows and competitions for the students to join. Students can also take leadership classes to further their leadership ability.

“I have added more shows and opportunities, cleaned up and made spaces so that work can be done,” Morgan said. “We have added opportunities with competitions, travel and leadership.”

Despite these accomplishments, Morgan said her passion lies in “watching students grow in theatre.”

“My favorite part is sharing my passion and letting another group find theirs,” Morgan said.

Students, including senior Dillon Neal, agree that the “theatre department has grown in a positive aspect.”

“I love taking a group of kids and watching them learn about themselves and find out what they can be,” Morgan said.