A Strengthening Experience: Senior football player bounces back from injury 

Mia Russell, Writer

The fans’ screams were roaring as the football players jumped up and down in the tunnel on a Friday night under the lights at the football game.

“The distinct atmosphere gets us so pumped,” senior JD Williams said. “Between myself and my teammates, the feeling in the tunnel is indescribable.”

The varsity football team exits from the tunnel onto the field to represent their school.

Among those players is JD Willliams, who has been on varsity since his sophomore year. Tearing his ACL on Oct. 5 at the A&M Consolidated game, teammate Jalen Washington was running the ball, while Williams was playing safety. He felt a couple of pops in his knee and had to have help to the sidelines after not being able to get up on his own.

“All I had wanted at that moment was to strap on a knee brace and get back out and play,” Williams said. “I hadn’t cared about how much pain I was in.”

After being in constant pain, he went to the doctor and had an MRI to then reveal that he tore his ACL.

“All of the physical pain could not compare to not playing football for the rest of the season,” Williams said.

He gained support from friends, teammates, coaches, and family.

“We all prayed for him and kept checking in on his progress,” senior Caleb Schneider said.

Williams’ position was starting left guard on defense.

“Not only did we lose a good player, but we also lost the energy he brought to the field,” Head Football Coach John Bolfing said.

Williams is still currently in the recovery process from his ACL injury but will be ready for his first at Tarbor College.

“I believe he’s doing phenomenal in his therapeutic rehabilitation,” athletic trainer Megan Ruble said. “He’s very strong for how far he is in his rehab.”

Williams said that his ACL injury made him a stronger person.

“This was god’s way of telling me I can come back even stronger, and that I will be prepared for whatever is next,” Williams said.

For his football achievements of the year, Williams was awarded the Bear Strength Award. Bolfing gave him this Reward because his teammates recognized all the hard work and effort he showed. He was also selected as Honorable Mention All-District.

“The things that stand out about Williams are his work ethic, his ‘team before self’ attitude, and the energy in which he played with,” Bolfing said.

He got a scholarship to Tarbor College and plans to be a football coach. He said that he is inspired by his father, who coached football to kids in Conroe when Williams was growing up. Therefore, he said his main goal in life is to positively impact others.

“Just the way my dad left his legacy in Conroe, I want to leave my legacy in Montgomery, and wherever I go next,” said Williams. “I want people to remember who I am, Johnderian Williams, and what I was able to accomplish.”

Williams’s teammates said he is an impactful person that brought them closer.

“He made sure we were a family,” senior Ryan Johnson said. “Family is first with him, and he worked hard to bring us together.”