Crowning the Golden Bear

Jenna Karrer, Author

To raise money for the senior activities fund, seniors host the fifth annual Mr. Golden Bear pageant on Thurs., Feb. 7 in the auditorium.

“It was very fun to get out of my comfort zone and make new memories with everybody,” senior Alex Kiszkiel said.

Senior guys are nominated by clubs, sports, organizations and the Student Council officers. This year, 12 senior ladies participated as choreographers and coaches for the 22 candidates.

“The candidates and coaches put in a lot of work and time,” event organizer and Spanish teacher Mary Ann Biesiada said. “It’s a show that deserves attention.”

Masters of Ceremony, senior Olivia Egloff and senior Scott Lutte, hosted the event. They announced names, told jokes and asked questions during the interviews.

“I was a little nervous at first to speak in front of such a large crowd, and I was afraid of messing up when speaking,” senior Scott Lutte said. “After a couple of minutes, I got over it and I was just being myself on the stage. I had a really fun time.”

Opening the show, all 22 of the male participants performed a dance that was choreographed by Biesiada.

“The opening dance was cool because all the groups joined together to do one big dance,” senior Elliot Sims said. “The ‘surfer move’ was my favorite dance move.”

Next, the boys performed group dances, which were choreographed by female seniors. This year’s theme was the decades.

“My group [80s group] became really close throughout all the practices and rehearsals, which made everything very fun,” senior Jordan Schier said.

After the group dances, participants lined up for a interview process by randomly grabbing a slip of paper from a bucket.

“I hope the audience members appreciated the confidence of the boys,” Schier said. “It takes a lot to get in front of your peers and act silly.”

After the performances, judges vote for the top five guys, who then have to answer one last question before the winner is selected.

“This is the only event that is purely judged,” Biesiada said. “MHS alumni, from five years and more, volunteer their time and come back to judge.”

Kiszkiel was crowned as ‘Mr. Golden Bear’ and said he has received more followers on Instagram.

“I didn’t expect to win, but it was a great feeling to represent MHS as Mr. Golden Bear,” Kiszkiel said.