Powerlifting Invitational

Colin Jones, Author

The girls team was victorious and the boys came in fifth place, at the Montgomery Invitational meet on Thurs., Jan. 24.

“Our meet was a big success for several different reasons,” Coach Derrick Hennigan said. “As a group of individual lifters, we made really big gains in all of our max lifts. As a team, we were successful in being the first place team for the girls and coming a close second in the boys.”

The other schools in attendance were The Woodlands High School, Lake Creek High School, Waller High School, and Klein Cain High School.

“I think I can continue to improve by pushing myself to my limit at practice for increased strength,” senior Gabbie Daniels said. “I can also work on my breathing technique to get a full chest of air for a solid lift next week.”

Gabbie Daniels had the highest score of any girl in attendance with a total of 745 pounds.

“I would say that on average each lifter trains about four to five hours per week to get the gains that they are looking for during the meets,” Hennigan said. “Most of the lifters workout at six am three to four days a week and come in after school to get in some extra work.”

Participating in only her second meet ever, freshman Micaela Lowery came in with a total of 615 pounds with a deadlift of 265 pounds. She placed second in her weight class

“I think I can just keep practicing and perfecting my technique in order to lift more efficiently,” Lowery said.

Junior Brooke Smalley placed second in her weight class, coming in with a 255 pound squat and a total of 600 pounds.

“I would like my total to be at least 700 pounds by the end of the season,” Smalley said. “I had some of my best lifts that meet! But I definitely need to improve on my deadlift and the only way to do that is put more time in the gym!”

Senior Nate Colborn had a new personal best squat of 350 pounds and placed first in his weight class.

“I was excited about achieving a new personal record on squat,” Colborn said. “However, I am not where I want to be for bench and I need to target it over the next couple of weeks.”

In total, three boys and three girls placed first overall in their weight class.

“Powerlifitng in a way is kind of like life,” Hennigan said. “For the most part, you make your own way and the only person that will always come through for you is yourself.”