Varsity Swim Places Second at Regional Meet

Dyson LeVasseur, Author

Competing against 27 opposing schools, varsity swim traveled to Magnolia for their regional meet on Sat., Feb. 3.

“This meet was the final meet that determined which schools and swimmers would move on to state,” senior Jordan Schier said.

The meet started Saturday morning at 8:00 am and continued on until late in the afternoon.

“A regionals meet is very large compared to a normal high school meet,” senior Daniel Seabolt said. “You can feel kind of like sardines packed in a tin can, especially on the sides of the pool.”

The relays and individual events are mixed together to allow swimmers to have a chance to recuperate before swimming again.

“Resting between events is very important because a few minutes’ break can be the difference between doing very well in a race and not doing good,” senior Alex Kiszkiel said.

The swimmers who take 1st and 2nd from each event in their region automatically qualify for the state meet. The next 8 fastest swimmers from each region in the state are “called-up” to compete alongside the regional finalists.

“We have 8 girls going to swim at state and 4 boys,” Schier said.

Senior Tucker Hermes competed at the regional meet and broke the school record for the 100 meter breaststroke with a time of 1.00.09.

“As a team, we did better than we have ever done before,” Hermes said.

As a whole, the swim team took second place in the regional meet.

“The best part about meets are all the people I get to meet and swim with,” senior Kaitlynn Sims said. “The team at Montgomery has especially created a fun and positive environment.”