Theatre Presents First Musical

Katie Jones, Author

For their first musical, the theatre department performed Little Women in the Auditorium on Jan. 31 through Feb. 2.

“I’m proud that we told a beautiful story with characters that are unique in their own way,” sophomore Jacob Hammons said.

Little Women is a musical that focuses on the four March sisters: wild Jo, traditional Meg, timid Beth and romantic Amy. The young women struggle to support themselves and keep the household running. The aspiring writer, Jo, works hard to sell her stories to give her family everything they ever wanted.

“Jo has been a challenge for me as a singer and as an actor,” sophomore Lauren Ferro said. “She has taught me to believe in myself and that I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Many students, including sophomore Kenzie Soape, freshman Meghan Steward and junior Tyler Jones, said that being a part of Little Women has brought them closer to their peers.

“My favorite part about being in Little Women is the family we have created,” Soape said. “Being a part of this cast has allowed me to create stronger relationships with everyone. We are a family on and off stage.”

The theatre department began and finished the production in less than four weeks.

“I learned that you can’t do it by yourself,” Ferro said. “It’s truly a team effort to pull off a musical.”

Senior Dillon Neal said his favorite part was learning to grow in confidence for upcoming opportunities.

“Being a part of this production has made me excited to be a part of the future musicals,” senior Dillon Neal said.

To ensure success of the musical, both the technical crew and the stage actors rehearsed every day on late hours.

“This show has been a great production, and I am so honored to be a part of Montgomery High School’s first musical,” Jones said.