Up in Vapor

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Up in Vapor

Mitchell Maynard, Author

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An epidemic has been sweeping the nation, hooking youth on an addictive substance called nicotine. The most popular way of consuming the substance is with vaporizers.

“I’ve been vaping for about a year now, and have tried three types of vaporizers that are on the market,” an anonymous student said.

With the popularity of vaporizers, many companies have been started on the base of making vapes, as they are commonly referred to; An example of this is “Juul”, a company that attracts teens because of the fruity flavors they use in vape pods.

“I definitely feel addicted to nicotine,” an anonymous student said.  “I crave it like a good food. When I get money, I normally go and spend it on vape juice to smoke more.”

Dopamine is the chemical released when someone does something good. It is also referred to as “the reward chemical,” as it is normally released after a rewarding experience like winning a game. However, the chemical is also released when a person consumes nicotine. Prolonged use of nicotine products can cause damage to one’s brain and its ability to naturally produce the chemical and can cause depression.

“My dad is an alcoholic, and I can see how nicotine is affecting me because when I don’t have nicotine I get like when my dad hasn’t had a drink,” an anonymous student said.

Once a person gets addicted to nicotine it is very hard to get off, but it’s not impossible.

“To quit you need to completely cut it out of your life, and cut those who insist you to keep doing it out as well.” an anonymous student said.

Quitting “cold turkey” is one way to quit, but there are easier solutions to slowly stop. One example is to use vape juice with continually decreasing nicotine levels. Another way is similar to the other method, just without juice. It uses gum or pills that can deliver that nicotine fix while slowly wanning one’s body off of the chemical.

“I think the vape epidemic is one not to go unnoticed,” an anonymous student said. “It has and will continue to disrupt the lives of our youth and will, in the end, hold us all back from reaching our full potential.”