Harlem Wizards Take On Montgomery Hotshots


Photo by Annabelle Snyder

Russell Reid demonstrating tricks taught by LaMarvon Jackson.

Katie Jones, Author

A Harlem Wizards assembly, hosted by Robert Young and LaMarvon Jackson, was held on Thurs., Jan. 24 to advertise the upcoming fundraising game against the Montgomery Hotshots on Sun., Mar. 3.

“I can’t wait to see them on the court,” sophomore Lauren Ferro said.

The Harlem Wizards is a basketball team whose main purpose is to help communities fundraise.

“Watching them get the school involved made me really excited to attend this event,” senior Dillon Neal said.

The Harlem Wizards will go against the Montgomery Hotshots, a team of teachers, staff and coaches, to raise money for the Lincoln Elementary School.

“I think this event for fundraising is effective,” sophomore Tyler Traylor said. “It’s very involving of students and teachers.”

During the thirty-minute assembly, Jackson and Young provided information about the fundraiser while involving teachers and students in a community building event.

“It was fun to watch them take kids from the audience and have them participate in activities,” freshman Hannah Coleman said.

Before the end of the assembly, Young and Jackson picked students and coaches to participate in learning team trust and tricks on a basketball.

“I thought that was the best assembly so far because they were so interactive with the students,” sophomore Isabella Stowers said.