Theatre Department Performs Little Women

Lauren Maciariello, Author

The Theatre department performs their first musical, Little Women, on Jan. 31 – Feb. 2, featuring sophomore Lauren Ferro as the lead, Jo.

“This story is so interesting,” Ferro said. “I know everyone at Montgomery will love it.”

This will be the third show at this school directed by the new director, Nicole Morgan.

“She’s bringing out ideas and skills I never knew I had,” sophomore Kenzie Soape said. “I couldn’t be more grateful that she’s here.”

This is Morgan’s twenty-sixth year of teaching high school, and she is bringing new ideas.

“The theatre program now is different,” Morgan said. “Everyone is welcome to come out and take part in things they can, based on their schedule.”

Little Women tells the story of four sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy – and their path to adulthood. The sisters will be played by Lily Henss, Lauren Ferro, Meghan Steward, and Kenzie Soape.

“I’m so proud to be working with all these talented women,” Ferro said. “Our friendship is not just strong on stage but off stage, too.”

This is Morgan’s third time directing Little Women. Because the department is majority female at this time, Morgan said she picked Little Women since it has lots of female roles and has the potential to build the department.

“I love seeing young women portrayed with strength and determination,” Morgan said. “Theatre is storytelling and we want to make sure that we focus on that.”

The theatre department gives students in and out of theatre classes a chance to try both acting and tech.

“We also offer opportunities to those who do not have theatre in their schedule,” Morgan said. “We are always interested in sharing the fun and working together with those who come to work on what we are doing.”

Besides rehearsals and shows, the cast and crew have time together during the theatre department’s ‘Sunday Fun-days’. Once a month on a Sunday, they meet as a group and see a play together, get dinner or even play kickball.

“Join theatre because there is no department more accepting than theatre,” Sophomore Katie Jones said. “Everyone here is so welcoming, and you’ll feel right at home”