Seniors Victorious Over Juniors In Annual Powder Puff Game

Colin Jones , Author

The senior team came out on top against the junior team during the annual Powder Puff game on Wed., Jan. 16.

“The Powder Puff game is designed to promote school spirit by bringing together the juniors and the seniors in a friendly competition,” Student council sponsor Mrs. Laurie Zuehlke said.

The game is also a fundraiser to help support school activities for next year’s junior and senior classes. Last year’s Powder Puff game raised about $2,500.

“The proceeds are put in the sophomore class budget and used towards prom next year,” said Mrs. Zuehlke. “The leftover money is put into the junior class budget and used for events such as the senior picnic and graduation activities.”

A few football players got the chance to be a coach for a day and experience the other side of football.

“I watched it last year and I was like ‘Hey, I’m a good football player. I should coach’,” junior and Powder Puff defensive coach Quincey Paulton said.

At halftime, the seniors had the edge over the juniors with a score 14-8.

“I’m excited to have one last game with my teammates and the people that I’ve grown up with,” senior and second string quarterback Lydia Whaley said. “I’m focusing on encouraging my teammates and getting them the ball as much as I can.”

Zuehlke commented on one of her goals for the game saying, “I hope students will appreciate the different roles their peers will play during the game.”

“It’s always fun and sometimes surprising to see how well the girls play ball and how the football players totally get into the coaching role,” Mrs.Zuehlke said. “It’s always a plus when some of the guys bring us some cheering or dancing entertainment as well.”

The seniors were victorious in the end, winning by a score of 22-8.

“I think it’s important to have fun, school-sponsored events like Powder Puff to break up the monotony and pressure of academia,” Mrs. Zuehlke said.