Junior Varsity Boys Compete in Brenham Soccer Tournament

Mac Sills, Author

In their first tournament of the season, Junior Varsity Boys’ Soccer competed in the Brenham tournament on Jan. 10-12.

“I am excited for this season,” sophomore Cutter Carwile said. “I think we have a good team this year; we practice a lot and we’re doing pretty good right now.”

The Junior Varsity Bears played Tomball Memorial for their first game on Thurs., Jan 10. and lost 2-1 in the final seconds of the game.

“The tournament was tough,” Coach Slade Griffith said. “We played some really good teams, and the weather played a huge factor.”

The second game they played was at Bryan High School on Fri., Jan 11., and the boys lost 3-0. The final game took place on Saturday against Cy-Ranch High School, which ended in a tie with the final score at 0-0. This ended the tournament for the boys because they didn’t meet the point requirement to advance.

“For tournaments, you miss a lot of school because you have to go different places to compete and see if you can win,” sophomore Max Heckler said.

The Junior Varsity team has several tournaments to compete in over their season. Some of the tournaments require the boys so miss school, such as the Brenham tournament the boys recently played in.

“I am very excited for this season because we have really improved a lot as a team,” sophomore Cody Womack said.  “We have been working hard.”

All the members of the team have stayed after school to practice their individual skill and get better as a group. Their practices are 4-5 days a week, lasting from 2:45 p.m. – 4:30 p.m..

“It requires a lot of time and energy,” Carwile said. “We practice almost everyday after school, from night after school until 5 most of the time.”

Since they are often together playing soccer at practices and tournaments, the members of the team spend a lot of time with one another. When they aren’t at school practice, some of the team members get together and go to an open field to practice their soccer skills in.

“Some of my closet friends are on the team.” Sophomore Chase Garner said.

The soccer coaches, Coach Wright and Coach Griffith, have set up several practice tournaments for the Junior Varsity team to compete in, as well as given up their time to hold practices every day after school.

“Obviously we want to win,” Griffith said. “We want to get better everyday, that’s always the number one goal.”