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Student Artists to Be Honored at Houston Rodeo

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Student Artists to Be Honored at Houston Rodeo

Jay Crisp's (12) artwork

Jay Crisp's (12) artwork

Jay Crisp's (12) artwork

Jay Crisp's (12) artwork

Leah Mock, Author

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For the first time, the district collectively participated in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo art competition. Students from Lake Creek High School and Montgomery High School were recognized for their artwork, and three students from Montgomery High School are finalists.

“There are over 150 school districts that participate,” art teacher DiAnne Semands said. “The competition level is very, very high. Usually every district has one winning child. We had three our first time.”

Senior Jay Crisp, among the recognized artists, used Prismacolor pencils to create his piece, which he calls “Hunter in the Hills”. He had a friend model as his subject and created a hilly Texas landscape to place him in.

“I was inspired to make something era-specific to do with the early cowboys of Texas,” Crisp said. “ I did some research on the time period that kept me interested in the piece. I think the Wild West is an interesting era that no other place got to experience.”

Crisp won a Blue Ribbon and a trophy for the Best of Show.

“I didn’t know that I’d get a trophy, so that was cool,” Crisp said. “My piece still has a ways to go before I’ll know if I made auction, and that’s been my main ambition.”

Senior Patricia Sdao, also a finalist, was honored with a gold medal for her piece, “Backyard Gold”. She used watercolor and acrylic paint. She said she was inspired by her brother’s 1993 GMC truck.

“I never once thought I’d get this far in any sort of competition, let alone one of the biggest in the state,” Sdao said. “It feels entirely unreal. The support from all my friends and family really helped me throughout this whole journey, and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Sophomore Evelyn Prochaska’s piece, “Peek-a-BOO”, earned a gold medal. She used Prismacolor pencils and referenced a photograph of a horse taken by her mom.

“Art is one of the few things that really lets me enjoy school, and when I found out I was being honored with an award, I was extremely happy,” Prochaska said. “It felt a lot like a wake-up call. I can do something, even if it’s not perfect, nor the best. I just have to keep working for what I love.”

The finalists’ artwork will be on display at the Houston Rodeo.

“I’m extremely proud of them,” art teacher April Piecznski said. “I’ve had the winners in class for multiple years. I was able to see their progression as artists, even though they were amazing when they first started. Seeing them to progress even further to this level is super.”


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  1. C Sauder on February 8th, 2019 11:23 am

    Way to go Jay!!!!

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Student Artists to Be Honored at Houston Rodeo