University of North Texas Choir Performs for Montgomery Choirs

Samantha Nordstrom, Author

In order to recruit students, the University of North Texas A Capella Choir put on a concert and question and answer on Jan. 10 in the auditorium during fourth and fifth periods.

“I really enjoyed the UNT choir concert,” freshmen Kennedy Welsh said. “I loved how they all blended and worked together to make such a beautiful sound.”

The University of North Texas A Capella choir is one of seven choirs at UNT. According to the UNT website, this choir is nationally recognized and has toured both in and out of the U.S. There are currently 52 people in this choir, selected through prestigious auditions where more than 1500 music majors auditioned.

“I think they’re incredible, one of the highest levels of musicality and intonation and performances of most of the college choirs we’ve brought in here,” head choir director Mrs. Heather Orr said.

Both high school and junior high students received the opportunity to view the concert and prepare questions to ask during the Q&A session.

“They showed me a lot of different vocal aspects that I could pay more attention to, such as intonation, diction, and concert etiquette in general,” sophomore Kendall Wilson said.

Not only did the did the UNT Choir demonstrate their music, but UNT A Capella Choir Director Dr. Allen Hightower also spoke about other topics, such as college auditions and college life. A few of the choir members also spoke about their first experiences in college.

“I’m not going into music, but it was a very good opportunity to see how different colleges go at doing music in different ways,” senior Sophia Manix said. “For someone interested in music, I think this was an excellent opportunity to see a college choir perform.”

The choir program is requested to sing for various organizations such as the Bentwater Women’s Luncheon, the April Sound Country Club, and the Conroe Art Gallery. Many choirs have brought home multiple awards, including many division one ratings, the highest award a choir can earn in a UIL competition.

“I think it’s a very good opportunity to hear what a successful college university choir sounds like,” assistant choir director Andre Trahan said. “A lot of things we talk about in class, they do all the time. It’s good to hear what the end result is.”

Students missed both 4th and 5th period to see the concert, but Orr said it’s ”important to see what we’re striving for in our performances.”

“We’re not training students to go into music, although most people do,” Orr said. “we’re training them to love music and have music in their lives.”