Business Professionals of America Compete in Qualifying Meet

Lear Ennis, Author

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In order to qualify for the Regional Leadership Conference and Microsoft competition, Business Professionals of America (BPA) will travel to Nimitz High School on Jan. 26, 2019.

“Business Professionals of America is the leading Career Technical Student Organization for students pursuing careers in business, information technology, finance, design, video and other related career fields,” BPA coach Angela Wilcox said. “BPA is the next generation training, building professionals and opportunities. Students compete in different events. They prepare by studying material and practices tests from previous years.”

BPA is a Microsoft-based competition that will help students in the future with business and computer skills. There are classes students take ahead of time designed to help them with the competition they enter.

“Although you don’t need any prerequisites to join BPA, it is recommended that you be somewhat knowledgeable about your competition topic,” Junior Garrett Austin said. “For example, I am competing in an Excel-based competition, and I have already taken BIM 1 and BIM 2 and gained my certification and master certification for that program.”

To practice for the competition, students have to put practice in and know the material or software they are using.

“To prepare for my competitions, I am re-running through my old excel certification tests through G-Metrix, the ones from BIM 1 and BIM 2, and using some tests my coaches have made for practice,” Austin said.

Although there are competitions that don’t necessarily require a strong background in Microsoft, it is best to take classes such as BIM 1 and BIM 2 the year leading up to their competition.

“BPA offers many opportunities in other areas like: Finance; Business Administration; Management Information Systems; Digital Communications & Design; and Management, Marketing, & Communication,” BPA coach Emily Holliday said.

The variety of competitions students can choose from can widen and build their knowledge in the Microsoft applications.

“BPA offers challenges as well, which personally I do like a challenge,” Junior Corbin Shaver said. “They also seemed to help out the community; I want to say, which again is amazing that we have clubs like this at our school.”