Tech Theatre Workshop


Students learning about tech.

Katie Jones, Author

A tech workshop hosted by Electronic Theatre Controls Field Project Coordinator Robert Crane, was held in the auditorium on Tues., Jan. 15 for students interested in learning the technical aspects of theatre, particularly lighting.

“You get to learn a little bit of everything,” freshman Morgan Pfaff said. “In tech theatre, you learn about tools to lighting and management, which can be very helpful outside of theatre also.”

Crane explained that it was his job to help students learn every aspect of this technical field.

“I loved learning how so many elements can contribute to one amazing thing,” freshman Lauren Houghton said.

Crane taught how different types of lights can be used for many effects. Crane also mentioned how there are various uses of lights for outside of high school theatre.

“This workshop was a learning experience for those who don’t understand lights or are new to tech theatre, as I am,” junior Katie Dixson said. “Lights have always been an interest of mine since they have always been the main part of every show.”

Many students including freshman Sydni Martin, sophomore Madison Rodriguez and junior Austin Parker, agree that attending this workshop helped them grow in their passion for theatre as a whole.

“Tech theatre is so much fun,” junior Sarah Long said. “You become a family with everyone, and you get to work side by side with the director. If you love working on lights, sound or costumes this is definitely for you. There’s never a day we don’t have fun.”

Students learned how to patch lights, record cues and create scenery through lighting.

“It’s a fun way to blend technology and having fun,” Crane said.