Sweet Treat Celebration

As a way to celebrate perfect student attendance, the administration rewarded students with frozen yogurt at a “Sweet Treat” get-together on Tue., Jan. 9 in the west campus cafeteria.

“We didn’t know if it would work with the high school,” Principal Brandi Hendrix said. “We knew with the elementary and middle schools it worked, but we weren’t sure.”

Hendrix reported that more than 450 students achieved perfect attendance in the three weeks before finals. She also mentioned continuing this celebration every six weeks from now on, especially if it remains effective.

“I would make the sweet treat a goal for perfect attendance,” senior Tyler Waits said. “The ice cream was good.”

Senior Samantha Feild said that she didn’t expect to receive a reward for perfect attendance. Kelly also said that he didn’t expect this, but that he appreciates the gesture. On the other hand, Waits said that the ice cream was good, but he would prefer if it wasn’t melted. So, students who did not arrive quickly may have eaten melted ice cream.

“It was a district goal to raise the attendance by one percent,” Assistant Principal Jennifer Griffin said.

A newsletter will be sent to parents regarding the attendance policies and expectations to clear up any confusion about exemption policies. The following excuses will be state exempt: religious holy days; required court appearances; activities related to obtaining U.S. citizenship; documented healthcare appointments for the student or a child of the student with a note from the healthcare provider. Any other absences within district policies will be exempt by the school, but not the state.

“Students really enjoy getting out of class and getting ice cream,” Hendrix said.

Numerous students said they enjoyed the treat, including seniors Monica Andrade, Gaby Weber, Melannie Irvera, and Rianne Mitchell. Senior Collin Kelly said that he thinks the frozen yogurt is an appropriate reward for perfect attendance.

“Who wouldn’t want free ice cream?” Feild said.