Annual Montgomery Christmas Parade

Leah Mock, Author

To kick off the holiday season, the community came together for the annual Montgomery Christmas Parade on Sat., Dec. 8. Cheer, Belles, Band, Theatre, PAWS Club, Leo Club, Softball and more participated in the festivities by marching in the parade.

“It’s a time of celebration,” senior Tatum Hunt said. “The whole town gets together and creates an atmosphere of joy and unity.”

This year, complimentary hot chocolate was served. Baked goods were sold by the pound in the community center shortly after. Senior María de Lourdes Valero agreed that the parade brings the whole community together. She said the parade is a Montgomery tradition.

“It’s always the same, but I love it,” Valero said. “I love the ambiance of the whole day! I love the hot cocoa, cookies, and the homemade goods.”

Hundreds of people lined the narrow streets of downtown Montgomery to catch a glimpse of the homemade floats.

““I live close enough to walk to see the floats,” sophomore Luke Cockroft said. “The best thing about the parade is getting to see all the cool dressed up cars and people.”

This year, the cheerleaders yelled cheers throughout the parade rather than just waving and smiling. Senior and cheerleader Evelyn Vaughn said she enjoyed cheering in the parade this year.

“Walking in the parade is a great experience,” Vaughn said. “We get to put everyone in the Christmas spirit.”

Sophomore Savannah Horton, a member of the Belles Dance Team, said she thought the weather to be wetter and colder than ever before. Horton said that, despite the weather, everyone seemed to be happier this year.

“The parade cheers everyone up for the holidays,” Horton said. “It goes to show that through bad weather and drama, there is still room for happiness and cheer.”

Senior Daniel Romanowski plays the trombone in marching band. He has been in the parade for 5 years, and this is his last year to be part of it. He admitted he was cold, but he said he still had fun, nonetheless.

“The parade is a show to appreciate everyone that usually isn’t appreciated,” senior Daniel Romanowski said. “I enjoy that a lot.”

The people on the parade floats hand out candy to children as they pass by. Horton said her favorite part is seeing the joy the parade brings.

“The best thing about the parade was getting to see the small kids’ faces light up,” Horton said. “They saw people they either looked up to or thought were cool waving and smiling at them.”