Colin Jones, Author

All across the world, high school students took the PSAT/NMSQT on Wed., Oct. 10. The PSAT is designed to prepare students for the SAT and to give them the opportunity to  qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program, which offers scholarships to students who took the PSAT and meet certain entry and participation requirements.

“Everyone told me I had to take it as well as the SAT,” junior Dakota Schmid said. “I didn’t see too many memes, but I did joke about the non-disclosure agreement with my friends.”

Before students start the test, they are all required to sign a non-disclosure agreement stating that they will not recieve or share anything relating to the test. However, each year, following the test, many students create and upload their memes to social media.

“I took the PSAT because I wanted to understand the memes and also to try and qualify for the National Merit Scholarship Program,” junior Lauren Maciariello said. “I think standardized testing is a very stressful event for a lot of kids, so creating memes is something lighthearted and fun that can take their mind off of the test.”

Junior Savannah Hill said that the memes are really funny because “you only get them if you took it”.

“I took the PSAT because I wanted to practice for the actual test,” junior Savannah Hill said. “I don’t think the company would like that they’re making memes, but I thought they were really funny.”

The PSAT also simulates the SAT because both tests are timed, and students have to finish each section on both tests within the time limit.

“Some parts of it were super easy to me but others were confusing,” junior Hailey Sweetland said. “I got the true feeling of what it is like to take such a long test with such a short amount of time to finish it.”