Club Impact Hosts Thanksgiving Meal for Support Staff


Jenna Karrer, Author

Club Impact students served a Thanksgiving meal to the custodial, maintenance, and police staff on Thurs., Nov. 15.

“I feel like it is so important to make sure that those around us, especially those who serve us, always feel safe, loved, and appreciated,” freshman Lairscey Griffin said.

Club Impact students greeted staff members at the door, directed them to tables and served drinks before senior Maggie Hendrix delivered a speech and senior Luke Loera said a prayer.

“It felt amazing doing something nice for the people that do so much for the school and hardly get appreciation,” junior Paige Triplett said.

For dinner, guests were served turkey, green beans, stuffing, rolls and cranberry sauce. Dessert consisted of brownies, pumpkin pies and cookies. Sophomore Emma Doyle said it felt “rewarding” to switch roles and serve the people who serve the students of MHS daily.

“The people in the club are doing these kind things out of the goodness in their hearts,” Triplett said.

After all staff members received a plate of food, students sat down with them to eat and mingle. Triplett said the staff members are “amazing” and it was a “great opportunity” to talk with them.

“I had a wonderful time hearing their stories and getting to know them better,” Griffin said.

Triplett said all attendees looked “genuinely happy and left with a smile on their face.

“It made me appreciate the time they put in for us, the students,” Doyle said. “They work so hard for us and we don’t even realize it until we get the opportunity to step foot into their place.”