Maggie Hendrix: Making an Impact


Photo by Tori Johnson

Maggie Hendrix (12)

Jenna Karrer, Author

A plethora of hot glue guns, bells, flowers, and ribbon lay across the table as fifteen Club Impact students work to create mums and garters for the Special Education students at LCHS.

Maggie Hendrix, a senior who has cemented her role as a positive leader for students around campus, said she wants to change the negative culture that surrounds the student body through her clubs and organizations.

“Whenever all of the school violence, depression, and anxiety issues became prevalent in schools near us, I wanted to make a change,” Hendrix said.

Hendrix has created her own nonprofit organization called Lizzy’s Angels that supplies adolescent athletes with softball equipment. Along with her nonprofit organization, Hendrix created Club Impact at MHS with a goal of spreading kindness to all staff members and students on campus.

“I really prayed about the idea and then started writing down the things that we would stand for and projects we could do,” Hendrix said.

Members of the club practice kindness daily by ensuring students have someone to sit with at lunch or walk with in the hallway. Additionally, Club Impact students participate in bigger projects every month; they recently hosted a breakfast for new staff members, created homecoming mums and garters for students at MHS and LCHS, and surprised volleyball with motivational locker room decorations before a game.

“As I was forming Club Impact, some of the personal goals that I had were to selflessly and continually pursue and change the lives of as many people as possible, and to create a club that created servant leaders who have the heart and skills to truly change the world around them,” Hendrix said.

Head Softball Coach, Ms. Elizabeth McCombs said Hendrix “inspires” her every day and is a “constant example of integrity.”

“The way she has changed the thinking of so many students and adults is amazing,” McCombs said. “As a teacher, Club Impact has reminded me that being kind and positive to all my students no matter what kind of day they are having can really make a difference.”

During her sophomore year, Hendrix said she struggled with her worth and happiness because she only found it in softball, which was not going the way she wanted.

“I could have really used a club like this to impact me personally,” Hendrix said. “Seeing how it helps others who are going through some of the things that I went through is super cool and rewarding to me and my testimony.”

Hendrix plans on developing her non-profit organization and club at the college she plans to attend, Hardin-Simmons University. Hendrix said she is “excited” to pass down Club Impact and watch it grow over the next few years.

“Maggie is not only changing the members of Club Impact, but she is helping change the culture of an entire school, which is something I’ve never seen done and it’s awesome to be part of,” McCombs said.